Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jedi Mind Tricks

**We will return to our regularly scheduled 30 Day Blog Challenge eventually**

So I dabble in blogging. I try, I don't have the time to write.... I read a lot of blogs. Well look at the pictures on my phone and mark them read in Google reader bc I hate having unread blogs bc of the OCD.... Anyway as I was scrolling to the bottom of this blog something caught my eye. So I read the whole thing.

It's me. Down to the garbage bags and the fact that he's 10 years older. She just crawled in my head with her Jedi Mind Tricks and put it on her blog. Read it. Get back to me.

(The above is an email to Mrs. D at In Pursuit written while driving the second I finished reading THE blog. It fit)

So here it is: Unpacking My Head WOW.


Happy Fun Pants said...


I'm SO glad that something I wrote resonated with you.

If our stories are indeed the same, my advice (that was given to me :) ) was to STOP concentrating on the "What's next? worrying."

That's it.

It's simple. But you know what? It's pretty awesome advice. This past weekend I realized that although I want the whole package, right now I'm fine with it. And when I'm not, I WILL do something about it.

I enjoyed the blissfulness that was this weekend. And I know he did too.

And in my heart, I know that this will work out. Moreover, if it doesn't? I know that he has given me the support to make me a healthier person - mostly in respect to how I am in relationships. And that? That makes me quite the catch. So if he can't commit, I know that I will get through it (in a healthy way) and that I will find someone even better.

And I can't help but believe that the same is true for you. :)

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

You totally just confused me with this post. LOL