Saturday, January 1, 2011

Where have I been?

I haven't blogged since September. Wowza. What have you missed?

I got engaged!! True story, no lie. :)) December 14th, I stayed home from work in a funk, blue kind of depressed mood. I spent the day with my TiVo, ignoring my ever growing to do list. Mitch came home from work and was in and out of the house and I was ignoring him for the most part and we were getting ready to go to Target because I needed boxes to wrap presents in AND.... he brings me a big ol box of cupcakes from Muddy's. I was like awww how sweet... still clueless, I opened the box and screamed. Awww... we're precious. Then....

14 hours later, my mother fell in our driveway and broke her femur... on the day of my finals... the day after my engagement. Wha...? She was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and I met her there. She was in a lot of pain and screamed like I've never heard her scream as they tried to position her to take her first Xrays. I'm scarred. I left her to go take my finals... (both of which I failed, but still had an A & B for the semester because Im a smarty pants) and when I returned, they were transferring her to the big trauma hospital. She had a procedure day one to put her in traction. Then surgery the next day to put in a plate and screws. A few days later, she was transferred to a rehab hospital for some inpatient physical and occupational therapy. When is she coming home? No one knows. *insert sad face here*

So my engagement has gone as follows... "Congrats! Your ring is beautiful! How's your mom?" Totally stealing my thunder there Mom! Geez! (I kid, I kid.)

So no we haven't picked a date.... or a venue... or colors... or decided on a big or small wedding and that's all anyone asks. I'm excited but more focused on the finish line. I love M and want to spend the rest of my life with him. Planning a wedding is for the birds... Everyone I know almost tells me to go small... I really leaning towards small. I'm more worried about paying tutition and getting back on my diet and to the gym. I think M should plan the wedding.... you agree, yes? Stay tuned... I swear I'll do a better job updating y'all! Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season... Aren't we glad that's over?


Mrs. D said...

Given the changes your mom has already made, I'm still convinced this could be a great thing for her, but it's still going to suck until she's out. I haven't met her yet, but I know she's a tough lady- she survived raising you after all ;)

And OMG!!! We can finally use the wedding bible!! Tell M no more cupcakes until after September though! We got a dress to work!