Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gettin to know you....

It's time for MannLand5's getting to know you game. Click on her name to get the questions and play along.

1. Do you iron your sheets?
I have once. We were having company over and when I make my bed I fold them back and they were really winkly when I got them out of the dryer. They look nice but it only keeps one day.

2. Your dream car is....?
A Prius. I think they are soo cute. Plus good for the environment. :))
My prius Pictures, Images and Photos

3. Do you have an innie or an outie belly button?
innie. yo.

4. What meal do you look forward to the most..breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
Dinner. I cook and breakfast and lunch are so rushed.

5. Favorite mascara?
Clinique High Impact: Black.
Clinique high impact mascara Pictures, Images and Photos
6. What would you say your decorating style is..traditional, modern, eclectic, country, french country, shabby chic, etc..?
A mix. I like what I like.

7. Have you ever been skinny dipping?
yup. ;-)) Moving on.

8. I hate the smell of...?
Hard boiled eggs. EW!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Tale of a Southern Belle's V-day giveaway!

I had never heard of Port Southern until SouthernBelle did an interview with them on her blog. They have really cute men's clothing. I definitely see M getting some Polos from them in his future. Check them out! (Also check out Belle's blog. She'll keep you entertained!)

You can also enter her giveaway here.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gettin to know you....

One of the blogs I follow, Driving in Stilettos, decided to participate in MannLand5's weekly "Getting to Know You" game. Looks cuuute so I decided to play too!

The questions..

1. Waffles, pancakes or french toast?
Yes, please. waffles Pictures, Images and Photos prefer waffles but french toast sounds yum-o right now.

2. Dream home..What would it look like?
My dream home would have lots of porches, patios, and balconies. Screened in porches, sunrooms.... and would be near water. Big kitchen. Open with lots of windows. Lots of closets.
houses in water Pictures, Images and Photos

3. Favorite sport to watch during the Winter Olympics?
Ice skating.
sasha cohen Pictures, Images and Photos

4. The first word that comes to mind when describing yourself?
funsized Pictures, Images and Photos
5. Dresses, pants (jeans, leggings, etc.) or skirts?
Chapter 19 - Vamp - Jeans Pictures, Images and Photos

6. What is your favorite time of day?
Night-time. Which makes it impossible for me to get up.
i love Starbucks Pictures, Images and Photos

7. Beach or Mountains..which do you prefer?
Beach. No contest.
beach Pictures, Images and Photos

8.Will you watch the Super Bowl?
Heck YEAH!
Go Colts!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, January 17, 2010


We're home from Dallas-Fort Worth. It was a nice mini vacay, but glad to be home. While Mitch was in meetings during the day, I slept in, read, shopped, and saw movies. :)) We ate awesome food at night and strolled Sundance Square.


I was ready to be home though. I'll post more pictures soon.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Forgive my ignorance, but I don't understand our war...


The above soldier who died for no reason is my friend. Daniel loved country music, boots, cowboy hats, and tight jeans. He was different and stuck out but he didn't care. He was who he was. I haven't seen Daniel in about 2 years because he's always deployed somewhere but we stay in touch on Facebook/MySpace. On Christmas when he was discouraged because he was missing his son's first Christmas I told him, "Merry Christmas. Sorry you couldn't be home but we love you and thanks for the sacrifices you make for us." We talked last week on Facebook just general chat. Never thought that would be the last time I talked to him. When I read the news on Twitter yesterday I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I still can't believe it. I've watched the news coverage on 3, 5, and 13 and laugh at the pictures of him in his rodeo and Daniel asking his mother to insure his CDs for thousands of dollars. I cry randomly because it's not fair and the war is now real for me. I didn't care before but now I see my friend died and for what? I know Daniel was fighting for his country and he's proud of what he was doing/did and I'm proud of him too.

But what good are we doing over there? Obviously, we aren't wanted over there. I understand that the conditions over there are bad and we're trying to make them better for the civilians over there but I don't have a dog in this fight. Why is it our business? They flew OUR planes into our buildings. Maybe there are no weapons of mass destruction and if there are we should stand and fight here. Protecting our soil, not trying to rule and set up government in someone else's country. NOT our place. Bring our soldiers home or give me a reason my friend had to be blown up by an IED.

I need someone to be blunt and tell me why. I need someone to talk to me like a stubborn child who doesn't know anything because I can't get it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wishful Wednesday: Dream business

Every Wednesday Kelsey @ The Seattle Smith's posts an 'I wish' writing prompt to get us through those hump days. It may be a wish, a hope, a dream, or an aspiration -- some topics may be fun and playful and others more insightful -- but most importantly, it will give us an opportunity to get to know our fellow bloggers a little bit better, and see what makes each of us tick... it's fun. Check her out & play along.

Wishful Wednesday

'I wish' .... I had the startup funds to build that company I have always dreamt about, and it would be a:
Weight Loss Camp. I think The Biggest Loser but for people who can't take off for 3 months (or however long they have to take off to go to 'The Ranch'). We would have camp from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon every weekend for 4 months. We'd workout and get personalized workouts to complete on our own during the week. We'd also personalize menu plans for the week and make grocery lists so when you leave camp on Sunday, you can run to the store and be ready for the week. Complete with a spa for weekly mani/pedis/massages. Have physical therapists on staff for all your aches and pains. It would be like a fancy fancy resort.

I'd go if one was available, wouldn't you?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

All our bags are packed, we're ready to go.....

Fort Worth Skyline Pictures, Images and Photos

Mitch has to go to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas for work this week. So I'm tagging along. We got all packed up today and are heading out in the morning. He's going to be in his seminar junk everyday basically from 8-3 so I'm going to sleep late, hit the gym in the hotel, SHOP, go to the spa, and see movies.

Our hotel is in downtown Fort Worth in Sundance Square. Named after the Sundance Kid in old westerns. The area includes numerous hotels, restaurants, condos, lofts, shops, museums, bars, clubs, movie theatres, performing arts, concerts and festivals throughout the year. Look at all this stuff to do:

Garmin Nuvi in the truck, all of Mom's Vera luggage packed, and camera charged, we're ready to go. :))

Saturday, January 2, 2010


2009 - 2010. Pictures, Images and Photos

My new Patagonia came in just in time for NYE. I love it. Thanks M!Photobucket

I changed my major from nursing to education. I'm stoked! This semester I'm taking a child psychology class, an American government class, and a math. I'm ready to start classes. Which is bizarre and I'll be over it once they start, but I'm excited and want to finish.

We're going to Dallas this month. M has to go for work and I'm going because.... I wanna shop, be lazy, & not miss the boy. I want a new camera. I'm gonna be better about blogging in 2010... right?! So I need to be able to post my own pics to add to my blog right.

My current internal battle:PhotobucketOR camera Pictures, Images and Photos