Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's 1:36am && were wedding planning...

Seriously-- M & I arent members of a church. Awful, I know. We don't have a strong connection to any site we talk about until tonight. See we attended my cousins wedding tonight. In Brownsville. Small: family and friends, less than 100 people. Baptist church=no dancing or liquor. M liked it.

My wedding plan earlier today--eloping. Vegas. The Stratosphere's Chapel in the Clouds. 844 feet above the Vegas strip on 11-11-11 at 11:11. Family and friends can watch live stream online.

Then M saw how "easy" my cousins wedding was. Crap. After hours of debate we've set a plan...

-It's a Saturday and my nephews birthday.
-First United Methodist Church in Brownsville. Why? It's beautiful. It's my grandmothers church. She knows people who can cater, take pictures, do flowers, etc so it will be on the cheap side. M has been to several weddings there and several events for my family as well.

9-10-11 @ 12:13.... kinda cool. Lets talk to my grandmother and the church people first.

So if I can get the church that day, were all set. So next I was worried about my diet. *IF* I lose 2 pounds a week, I'll be at goal for my wedding. No pressure there right?

Crap. Kinda nervous. Kinda excited. Let's do this!!

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Mrs. D said...

It's bad when I see you pop up on my google reader and have to think for a second before realizing it was you!

If you go with the church, make sure you're not forced to work with someone stupid.. like Melissa. Just sayin'. I'm here to help, whichever way you go love!!

Unless it's pink.. then we'll talk ;)

And 2 lbs a week? You got this!

Anonymous said...

It's definitely doable. Your BFF has asked us to offer you some encouragement today - so here it is: YOU CAN DO IT! You really can - and have fun too.

Anonymous said...

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