Thursday, July 22, 2010

The magical unicorn that's Vanna White for the riverfront...

If you haven't already, check out Michelle's Memphis blog, Notes from Memphis. She recently wrote a post about our Memphis riverfront and she was curious about who got up every day to update the 'river staging bulletin board sign'. She thinks it may be a magical unicorn. Maybe someone at the Corp of Engineers...? Makes sense to me. I wanted to know fo sho.

(Photo credit: JamieZ's geocaching log)

My boyfriend, Mitch, works for the Army Corp of Engineers. I asked him who he thought maintained the sign so I could let Michelle know..... He was clueless. He's never even seen the sign. Thus began my Google search for hours upon hours before I went to bed. The next day, I was STILL thinking about the dang sign. So I asked on Facebook if any of my friends knew. People suggested the Coast Guard. My friend Nick has actually seen 'a weird dude on a bike' update the sign at 7am.

Still not satisfied (BTW, I have ADHD), I emailed the President of Friends for Our Riverfront AND Memphis Riverfront Development Corporation to get a definite answer. I also asked Mitch to ask around at work to find out.

***Virginia McLean, the President of FfoR, wrote today and said: Leigh -- Checked and learned that the Corps of Engineers supplies the water level information. They contract with a company who posts it on the sign.

***Dorchelle T. Spence, Director of Communications for Riverfront Development Corporation, states: Thank you for you interest in the Memphis Riverfront and the river gauge. It is our understanding that that the bulletin board you refer to in your email is adjusted by a retired employee of the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

***Mitch's boss thinks it's the Coast Guard (as does my Daddy) and Mitch emailed the River Engineer contact for the Corp of Engineers but hasn't heard back yet but believes it's probably someone contracted through the Corp to update the sign. (Gosh, let what do you wanna know? I wanna know what company he works for and NOW I wanna know what the Vanna White of the Riverfront makes. *ThankYouSoMuch*)

I emailed Michelle about my findings and to also let her know that Virginia McLean wants to publish her picture (above) of the "bulletin board". We're looking for a more definite answer about who Bulletin Board Guy is. This is her follow-up post giving me shout outs for my investigative efforts I may have to camp out on the river walk to catch this elusive, infamous character. Stay tuned.....