Monday, November 2, 2009

Library does NOT equal lounge...

So I realize that this a waste of my time when I should be studying or something but since when did a library become a daycare-let's discuss our relationship problems-lounge to make phone calls. I have a test on Thursday. I'm wigging a bit. I can NOT focus at home because I end up cleaning or getting on FaceBook. I leave work after a horrendous day and decide I'm going to the campus library to study.

After consulting my map, I realize there's no where to park near there. Ghey. I'm not crossing Central Avenue at night. I bust a U-ey and head towards Poplar/Main library. I get caught by the train at Southern that's 5 miles long and going 5 miles her hour. I decide to not cry and sip my latte while waiting and catch up on a few Tweets. I will turn this in to something relaxing in a fubar-ed day.

I get to the holy grail of libraries. For 20 minutes, we're good. Then this woman comes to my quiet corner... puts her books down and gets on her cell phone. Are you effin' kidding me lady? Take your GED for dummies book somewhere else. I don't care how Sha-nae-nae* is going to end up in jail if she doesn't watch out. Take her with you to the COGIC convention this weekend and straighten her out. While debating throwing said latte at her.... I huff and puff and throw my cell phone around and stares at her. She gets the hint and leaves. Then here comes a couple who agreed to meet at the library to discuss their relationship problems. Do people not have respect for other's anymore? WTH. You aren't passing that GED on your cell phone and he will cheat on you again. OMFFFFFFFG. I promptly got a private room for study.

Wednesday, I'll be parking in my priority parking lot and trekking across campus. I might start studying in my car in front of the house.

*When I say Sha-nae-nae & talk about the COGIC convention, I'm not being racist but you know the people I'm talking about. I'm just sayin'.....