Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our second bedroom is a dumping ground.
-It's orange, like a burnt orange
-It has two.... let's call them retro dressers in it
-Then there's the two yellow chairs from my grandmother's house that we are storing for my sister
-A globe
-Mitch's grandfather's old desk, which is covered with a scanner that we don't use and a printer that we don't use.
-Throw in the amp and guitar and....
it's a JUNK room. I've decided that I'm going to re do it. We need a guestroom/office for me to study in. Mitch agrees, I'm stoked.

Black & white. Glam. Think Marilyn and Audrey. Oh what accent color? Red vs. blue. Daybed vs. Futon. I'm so stoked until Mitch says I have to leave the furniture in there. I can get rid of the yellow chairs but the 2 dressers and desk stay. I am 'allowed' to paint the dressers. This is what I'm doing to one of them:

mirrored dresser

I found a DIY blog. Wish me luck.

BTW-no cigarettes for 8 days. I ROCK!