Saturday, September 5, 2009

So I started classes at University of Memphis Pictures, Images and Photos last Tuesday. I had been @ STCC and got tired of their drama so I paid my own tuition for Memphis. I'm stoked. I'm ready to finish up and graduate! Now if I could just pick a major. Bawhahaha.

Becky and I are doing WW WeightWatchers Pictures, Images and Photos again. I lost 8 pounds my first week. The next week, I lost .4 of a pound. I knew it was all water weight but I still got discouraged and I've been eating whatever since Wednesday. I feel all gross.

Today is OUR anniversary. We had to go to a wedding today and it took up most of the day so we're gonna celebrate tomorrow. But I think we'll end up watching FOOTBALL! ♥ It's been an amazing year. He's the love of my life and constantly inspires me. I couldn't ask for more.